Unique Tel Aviv Tours
We offer a variety of walking tours and cultural experiences. Click here for more information
City of David and the night time presentation "Hallelujah"
The presentation tells the story of the rebirth of ancient Jerusalem using advanced technology and 3D projection onto the ruins of the City of David.
Christian hospitality in the Galilee
A unique experience in the village of Dir Hanna, in the lower Galilee. We will arrange an informal meeting in the home of one our Christian hosts in the village. Click here for more information.
New Apartment available – Ruppin Apartments Tel Aviv
See the video of this newly refurbished very large apartment near the sea. 2 bedrooms with lounge, dining and big balcony. Total apartment 90sqm size.
Guided electric bike tours - Tel-Aviv
Electric bikes are the best way to explore the city’s sites, history and contemporary culture. Ride around Tel Aviv's bike paths with a Certified Tour Guide! Click here for more information.
Argan Oil Farm visit – Jordan Valley
On the tour of Oren's farm you will receive an insight into the life of an agricultural family in the Jordan Valley and learn about growing grapes, figs, dates and argan, which is known as the "tree of life".
Kurlender Dairy Farm and Visitors Centre – Upper Galilee
Experience bottle feeding the calves. Try our tasty chocolate milk. Make fresh cheese in our workshop. Click here for more details and pictures
Beit Shalom Estate - A hotel with a historical story to tell
A Boutique Hotel, Chef Restaurant, Cafe-Bar and ArtGallery, located in the historic quarter of old Metula. Click here for some of the beautiful pictures
Luxury furnished apartments available in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Stylish apartments in prime locations with finest beds and linens and premium amenities. Click here for more information
Cruise Ship Tours of Israel
Naftali Tours offering private tours of Israel from the Ports of Haifa and Ashdod. Click here for more information
Queen of Sheba Eilat Hotel
Latest pictures from the newly renovated Queen of Sheba hotel on the Eilat beachfront. For more information click here
TLV SHOW - a completely new way to experience the city
Part mystery show, part walking tour and part scavenger hunt game - this original concept will give you a memory of a lifetime. Click here for more information
New service - Smartphone available with every car rental
Naftali Tours now offers smartphone rental with every car hire at a small additional cost. For further details Click here
Yad Vashem - Drop-in tour in English every Friday
History, memory and personal stories converge in an English guided tour of the Holocaust History Museum. Click here for more information.
A Silan (date honey) workshop in nature
Together with a hands-on tour of the date palms in Mevo'ot Yericho. Click here to download PDF with more information
Kibbutz Magal - A tour of the Greenhouse Innovation Centre
The visitor will have an opportunity to gain insight into the technological innovations and achievements of "Netafim" in the area of precise irrigation methods. Click here for more information
New Link Hotel Tel Aviv - opening June 2018
Dan Hotels is proud to announce "Link Hotel & Hub" their new hotel, due to open in June 2018. Click here for more information
Tel Aviv Central Bus Station tour
Discover hidden tunnels and secret spaces, a bat cave, a Yiddish Museum and artist galleries that are all part of the urban fabric of the station today.
Whiskey - Bar, Restaurant & Museum
A unique complex among the most important of its kind in the world, combining a bar, a restaurant and a Whiskey Museum
New 2br unit available at the Ruppin Apartments
A sun-filled bauhaus style apartment with high ceilings and a pleasant outlook onto tree-lined Ruppin Street. Carefully fitted-out by a professional interior designer and completely refurbished. Click here for video footage of the apartment.
Changes to Daylight Saving Time in Israel 2018
Israel is moving to Daylight Savings Time on 23 March 2018
New Biblical Cooking Tour – Neot Kedumim Park – Central Israel
A short tour of our beautiful nature reserve, identifying some of the staple food growing here, followed by cooking your own light meal outdoors. Click here for more information
New experience - Krav-Maga program
Elite invites you to learn krav-maga – an advanced Israeli combat method taken from the counter-terrorism units of the IDF and Israeli police. Enjoy a half day training in krav-maga and a shooting exercise in a special battle field zone. Click here for more information
Contemporary Art Tours - Jerusalem
Jerusalem’s engaging contemporary art scene offers insight into the modern cultural dialogue present in today’s ‘holy city’ - one concentrated with innovation, setting itself apart from other art scenes around the world. For further details Click here
Bedouin Desert Experience
Meet the desert in person - Bedouin Desert Experience, much more than accommodation. Click here for more information
New Hotel: Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem
Click here to read about Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem, which is a designer boutique hotel located in the heart of Jerusalem
Herbert Samuel Hotel - Jerusalem
Click here to read about the Herbert Samuel Hotel, which is located in the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by historic centers and dynamic cultural institutions.
By the rivers of Babylon – Jerusalem
The Bible Lands Museum is proud to present a special exhibition focusing on one of the most significant events in the history of the Jewish people – the Babylonian exile.
Weekly Tours – Early Bird Specials
Discounts on selected tours for any departure date in 2016.
City of David : New tours in the ancient city - Old Jerusalem
Click to read PDF about a variety of fascinating tours in the ancient city from walking tours, riding on a Segway to an archaeological excavation.
Agricultural Tours in Southern Arava - Jordan Valley
Click to read the PDF about interesting agricultural tours in Southern Arava.
Travel Notes

Jordan Travel Tips

jordan Flag

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Geographical Information

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively small country situated at the crossroads of the Middle East. Comprising some 92,300 square kilometers (57,354 squares miles), it is bordered on the north by Syria at the east by Iraq, and by Saudi Arabia on the East and South.
Also, to the south one finds the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, while Israel and Palestine lie to the west. Jordan’s diverse terrain and landscape belay its actual size, demonstrating a variety usually found only in large countries.
5.16 million

The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar, symbol JD.  The Dinar is divided into 100 Piasters (pronounced "pee-aster") or 1000 fils ("fills"). There are 5, 10, 20 & 50 JD notes commonly used, and you will usually see prices written as 4.750, that is 4 JD and 750 fils.  Coins come in the following denominations: 2.5, 5, 10, 25 and 50 piasters; and in 10 fils. It is useful to carry some coins and low denominations since Jordanians rarely carry enough change for larger denominations.
Currency can be exchanged at major banks and at most hotels.  Street moneychangers are best avoided. The Jordanian Central Bank sets exchange rates daily.

From October through March, Jordan is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time; the rest of the year, it is three hours ahead of GMT.  Jordan is seven hours ahead of US Eastern Time.

Business Hours
Most Jordanians work a five and half-day week with Thursday afternoon and all day Friday off, but business and shopping hours are flexible.   Some establishments are open from 09:30 - 13:30 and again from 15:30 - 18:00; others may be open straight through the day, from 08:00 - 20:00.
Government offices are open from 08:00 - 15:00. All businesses and most shops, other than those in the souqs, are closed on Fridays.  Banks are open from 08:00 - 15:30.   Having Friday and Saturday off, airlines, travel agencies and many shops close for the afternoon, although department stores and supermarkets remain open.   Some businesses and shops are closed for part of the day on Sunday. Shopping hours are flexible. Some shops are open from 9:30-13:30 and 15:30-18:00.   Others may be open long hours, from 8:00-20:00.   Shorter hours prevail during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Jordan is blessed with a Mediterranean climate for pleasurable year-round travel.   Amman is sunny and cloudless from May to October, with average temperatures around 23°C. Springtime brings optimal weather, lush with greenery, and autumn equally mild and pleasant.   July and August are hot and dry but not oppressive.  Because of the capital city’s elevation, evenings are cool. Aqaba and the Jordan Valley are ideal winter resorts, with temperature averaging 16-22°C (61-72°F) between November and April.   There is very little rain in the Aqaba area and in the desert.
Amman Average Temperatures

7 8 11 16 20 23 25 25 23 20 14 9



Aqaba Average Temperatures

14 16 19 24 28 31 32 32 30 26 21 16



Even in summer, evenings can be cool, so a sweater or shawl is advisable.   Winters can be extremely cold, especially in Amman and the east; you will need a raincoat.   Walking shoes are advisable since Petra and most of the archeological sites are unpaved and sandy.
The Royal Tombs at PetraLanguage
A visit to Jordan would provide an ideal opportunity to brush up on your Arabic!  Arabic has been one of the world’s dominant languages for the last 14 centuries.  
Over 200 million people in over twenty countries speak this rich and enduring language.   In addition to that of Jordan, Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.  

A Semitic language, Arabic is written from right to left. Arabic numbers are easy to read - indeed, Western numerals are derived from the Arabic system. Unlike the words, Arabic numbers read from left to right.

The state religion is Islam, as indicated in the Constitution.   The majority of the population (92%) is Sunni Muslim.   Those include other non-Arab minorities such as the Circassians and the Chechen who, towards the end of the last century, fled their homeland in Caucasia.   The rest of Jordan’s population are Arab Christians and Armenians of different denominations whose freedom of worship, opinion and association are guaranteed by the constitution.

Distances between Cities - 

220 V
Petra Horse Back Ride Tip is usually USD 4.00 per person. Restaurants tips are around 10% of the total bill. Guide tips are open to the client’s satisfactions and appreciation, yet are expected ($4 per person per day approx. guide) . Bus, Car driver tips are expected ($3 per person per day approx. guide).

It is advised to drink bottled mineral water which is generally served in hotels.
On the right side
Medical Care
Medical care in Jordan is of an international standard and one of the best in the Middle East.


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