Changes to Daylight Saving Time in Israel 2018
Israel is moving to Daylight Savings Time on 23 March 2018
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News Updates

New walking tour - Sataf and the route of fountains

Type:        Hike 
Region:    Jerusalem 
Level:       Moderate
Duration:  5h 
Distance: 13.2km
Ascent:    415m
Descent:  332m

Along thousands of years of agriculture in the Judean mountains, a technique of hillside agriculture have developed. Using terasses and water channels, ancient farmers were able to cultivate a large veraity of crops and trees, such as weat, pulses, olives and grapes on the steep slopes.

This tour begins at Sataf, a resort reconstructed by the Jewish National Fund, which preserves the ancient mountain agriculture techniques. the route goes down the hillside, through plantations, groves and field plots, nursed these days by free time farmers from the regions.

The second part of the tour runs along the southern slopes of the Soreq valley, surrounded by planted pine groves and natural mediterranean woods, along a line of natural springs, drained since ancient times into small ponds, some with a tunnel carved in the rock to reach the water source.

The tour ends up at The Kennedy memorial, build by the JNF in memory of J. F. Kennedy. From there, a walk through Moshav Aminadav to the Ora road, by the outskirts of Jerusalem.

The Start/End points of the tour, are reachable by bus from Jerusalem.

It's possible to do only a part of the tour: The route of fountains


The Kennedy Memorial is dedicated to the memory of U.S. president John F. Kennedy.
Located south-west of Jerusalem, it resembles the stump of a felled tree.
The photo belongs to Ministry of Tourism


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