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Kibbutz Magal - A tour of the Greenhouse Innovation Centre


Netafim - The Pride of Israel

We will hear about the method, secrets of success and vision that changed the world, followed by a tour of the Green- house innovation center, which allows the visitor an opportunity to gain an insight into the technological innovations and achievements of "Netafim" in the area of precise irrigation methods.

Masik Magal Visitor’s Center

This is the place where we learn from the experts about the growing process and production of olive oil. We will taste the locally grown almonds and various oils of the leading olive oil brand in Israel (third year in a row).

Magal's environment of coexistence at a memorable observation point: a hill overlooking the valley that comprises the narrow waist of our country, 20 KM of land located between the Mediterranean Sea and the separation fence where we’ll hear about coexistence with our Israeli-Arab neighbors.

Tour time: 2 hours.

We recommend to combine lunch in Magal's dinning room.


Photo by Dana Landau

Photo by Dana Landau

Photo by Hadas Nitzan

Photo by Dana Landau