Dead Sea


Enjoy a desert experience 20 minutes from Eilat
Desert lodging and meals, Agricultural tours, and meet with Kibbutz members

A new tour option - Educational tours in desert agriculture in Kalia Guest House

Dead Sea Israel is the lowest place on Earth. This body of water has the highest concentration of salt in the world

Cosmetics Company manufactures skin care products made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea

The National Park is the biggest and the most important oasis in Israel

An open-air display of mosaics and archaeological findings from both Jewish and Samaritan synagogues and Christian churches

A series of caves, some natural, some artificial, found around the archaeological site of Qumran in the Judaean Desert

Tour - Abraham's Path activity including music and verse

Visit the Sheep Pens and the Milking Shed

Donkey tours in the negev

At the foot of Masada at the Dead Sea and at subterranean Crusader halls in Acco, on June 2014

Adventure training – including visits to IDF bases and lectures by army officers

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