Remembering Semakh 1918 ANZAC Day 2014

A  moving and colorful ceremony was enjoyed by all today celebrating the 97th anniversary of the ANZAC light horse Charge on Beersheba on 31 October 1917.
Many Australian and New Zealand tourists came to take part as well as the Mayor of Beersheba and the Australian Ambassador.

Here’s a selfie with one of the aussie soldiers



Me and the Fijian contingent. He plays the trumpet as well


The Scottish contingent


March of the catafalque party



The ceremony starts whilst the catafalque party guards the tomb. They didn’t move in an inch for one hour



National anthem



Wreath laying ceremony

All in all a special ceremony remembering those brave ANZAC soldiers that give their lives for the freedom that we here in Israel enjoy today.
Many stories were told as well. Why is there an emu feather in the ANZAC soldiers hat? Because the emu (like the kangaroo) does not have a reverse mechanism. He can’t go backwards, reminding the diggers that the only way is forward.

An incredibly moving story was told to me by Mr. Colin Hewish of Queensland who I met at the memorial. All of the men in his family participated in the charge.
One story was told of a young soldier badly injured and trapped under his horse. The ambulances thinking him dead rode past him. The young man died during the night - but managed to leave a message in his own blood on his saddle.
The note said: Dear Mum, Don’t be sad. I fulfilled my duty to my country. 


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