Jerusalem – Old City

Visit the Jewish Quarter sites or celebrate your special event in these unique locations

On display for the first time are original artifacts dating to the destruction of the Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile. Click for further details and video of the exhibit.

We invite you to explore a new and exciting route that connects the City of David to the corner of the Temple Mount and the foundation stones of the Western Wall.

Naftali Tours invites you to enjoy the new transportation service that is a little easier and a lot more fun to get through the Old City to the Western Wall in The City of Jerusalem, "The Old City Train".

Climb the rooftops of the city, browse artifacts in a roman shopping street and hear about the significance of the city and its modern day complexities for the different religions

A tour of the subterranean spaces in the area of the Western Wall Plaza, some of which have not yet been opened to the public

Fascinating new touring at the city of David

Experience the majesty of Jerusalem's stunning and picturesque forest on a Segway ride through the heart of the city

Organization in Israel focusing on the controversial endeavor of establishing the Third Temple

The world of this city’s glorious past, showcased through the prism of advanced visualization technology

One of the most impressive of these, the Burnt House, was found under a cloak of ash, six meters below street level

King David’s Tomb is one of the most holiest places for Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is one of the few sites in the world that is shared by the 3 religions

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