Jerusalem- New City

The Museum brings these stories of non-Jewish love and heroism to the world. Accompanied by original musical score, fantastic surround sound, lighting second-to-none and interactive displays that appear to come to life before your very eyes.

visit the Holocaust History Museum, accompanied by one of our professional guides

The Museum boasts one of the world's foremost collections of Islamic art and antique timepieces
Everything you wanted to ask about the Museum for Islamic Art, but never got a chance…

A unique opportunity to discover both the kibbutz agriculture and the Jerusalem mountain landscape and nature, with an emphasis on the incorporation of 21st century technology, techniques and marketing

Experience Jerusalem with all your senses in a spectacular artistic journey that combines cutting-edge technologies. Experience the history.
For pictures and more information Click here

For the local Christian community and Christian visitors to Jerusalem

We invite you to an unforgettable experience of flavors. colors, textures, aromas, and cultures

The Center strives to engage Christian supporters of Israel from around the world.
An hour-long program which includes a talk and short video about the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

Events are held at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hotels, offering appreciation education of Israeli art.

The Israel Museum invites the Christian community to explore its new and exciting tour: the cradle of Christianity – see in real life what you’ve read in scriptures.

Learn about the traditional lifestyle. A unique and fascinating opportunity to spend an evening in an orthodox Jewish family home. Click for brochure and video.

Jerusalem legendary chef Shmil Holland invites you to a fascinating and delicious tour in the Mahane Yehuda Market and continue on the journey with an interactive cooking workshop at the “Shem Tov” restaurant located at the heart of the market.

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