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Bedouin Tent Experience Wadi Rum

Come and enjoy a Bedouin Tent Experience in the magnificent Wadi Rum Desert. Enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunsets.

Owned and operated by local Bedouin families. Accommodation is in private tents with electricity in every room.

Listen to Bedouin music played with instruments that have a distinctive sound and made from materials found in the desert.

See how the families nurture their goat herds. You will have many opportunities to ask questions about their culture and lifestyle.

The Camp

Guests can choose to sleep in Bedouin tents with beds, pillows and blankets supplied. Or, if you feel like being in touch with nature you can choose to sleep outside under the stars.

Special - option to sleep in a cave with candles, pillows, mattress, blankets and Bedouin whisky (desert tea)!


Breakfast is served after the morning sunrise. Includes jams, hommus, bread, cheese, Turkish coffee and Bedouin whisky which is tea with sugar and sage.

Dinner is served after sunset. Meals are cooked in the traditional Zarb slow cooked barbecue method. Roast chicken, onion and potatoes are cooked under the sand. Accompanying dishes include vegetable curry and yoghurt with cucumber and salad. You are able to come back for seconds and even thirds if you have been on tour all day long and need to get your energy back.

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