Bike riding in the Judean hills

Bike riding in the Judean hills

Just one hour away from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, (between Beit Shemesh and Beit Guvrin) is a unique and beautiful region which most tourists never see. The undulating green hills of Judea are pastoral and picturesque in all seasons, and the region is rich with natural, historical and archeological sites.  This is where King David roamed, here the Philistines battled to protect their borders with the kingdom of Judea and this is where the Jews revolted and rebelled against countless foes.

You will be provided with a bicycle, helmet and a fantastic guide - and taken on a unique adventure. You will learn all about ancient and modern history of the region, and ecology and nature conservation.

We can combine a visit to one of the nearby national parks – Beit Guvrin or the Stalactite Cave. We can also include a packed lunch or enjoy the hospitality of a home cooked meal. Local wineries and breweries are abundant and these too can be added to the day’s enjoyment.

Length of tour: 2-3 hours
Price:                 $450 per group excluding meals, entrances and tips (net to Naftali tours)

Please note that we can also arrange pick up to and from Jerusalem/Tel Aviv.




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