New Menu – Magic on the Sea of Galilee

The restaurant front, through panoramic windows is looking at the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights. Hygeia restaurant hosts groups that tour Northern Israel and are interested in a diverse menu.

“Ayelet’s Kitchen” hosts events anywhere with attention to the smallest details, warm service and wonderful flavours. The restaurant also has a variety of specifically designed activities for tourists.

New Kosher Chef Restaurant in Rosh Hanikra, overlooking a gorgeous panoramic view of Rosh Hanikra and the sea, enjoy a culinary experience with a variety of Mediterranean Style meat dishes.

Go to Bat Yaar, a Steak house style restaurant to experience the unique structure of the place and taste the wonderful meals made from fresh cuts of veal, cooked on a flamed charcoal grill.

Visit Kibbutz Lohame Hageta’Ot to eat in the traditional way as a group in the common dining room filled with pictures and stories of the early days of the kibbutz. Or, go to the Bait V’Kait restaurant for a lovely brunch with a nostalgic feel.

Located in a restored Turkish Building
Old Beit Shean
Daronet Web Building