Tours of Ramla

Tours of Ramla


Ramla is situated on the ancient road leading from Jaffa to Jerusalem. Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard the Lionheart and many other nobles passed through the town, built here and went on their way.

Which other town can offer you to float in a boat in an underground pool, climb a 700-year-old tower, stroll one of Israel’s largest outdoor markets, and wander around between churches, mosques and synagogues ?

Come and enjoy Ramla’s unique sites, meet its artists in the Old City and of course, get a taste of the many foods its famous restaurants have to offer. All this can be found and enjoyed at a distance of only a 20 minute drive from Tel Aviv…

See here for a short description of some of Ramla's most fascinating sites.

The Ramla Museum

In 2001, the Ramla Museum was inaugurated in a building that had served, until 1948, as the home of the British municipal administration.

Who is the Madonna of Ramla? And how did a hoard of rare gold coins come to be here, one of the biggest in the country?

The Franciscan Church

At the heart of Ramla’s Old City is the (Catholic) Franciscan Church – one of the town’s jewels.

The site was visited by Napoleon Bonaparte and here, you will also find an original painting by Titian, one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance.

The White Tower

The compound of the White Tower is located in the center of ancient Ramla and dates from the time when the town prospered.

The area contains four historic sites.


The Karaite World Center in Ramla

Ramla is home to the Karaite World Center. The compound includes a synagogue that is worth a visit, accompanied, of course, by a lecture on the Karaites and their community in Israel.

So who are the Karaites, and what is their view of the world? Come on in and find out.

Ramla’s Market

Ramla’s bazaar is a colorful and vibrant market. Take your time and enjoy the large variety and abundance of products offered to you by hawkers while they praise their wares as the best produce available, and at the cheapest of prices. 

 The Pool of Arches

The Pool of Arches is the most ancient water reservoir in Israel from the time of Abbasid rule.

The structure is a rare witness to the quality of construction and beauty of Moslem architecture.


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