Tel Aviv

Cafe Yaffo


Get a taste of the amazing food and listen to live shows

Cafe Yaffo was born out of a great love to a city, which its contrasts and edges exist in perfect harmony: the old with the new, Jew, Christian and Muslim, the vendor with the artist, the architecture with the street.

This unique harmony has brought Orna Givon and her husband Nir, to establish Caffe Yaffo, a kosher restaurant in the heart of the Flea Market.

It’s kosher menu of fish and Italian entrees, alongside a creative selection of dairy and vegan options are a welcome addition to the kosher restaurant scene in Tel Aviv- Jaffa.

Café Yaffo makes the most out of the fact that its menu includes an entire section of vegan dishes. Everything is served happily in generous portions.

The staff is attentive to the guests from the moment they arrive, including while they are standing in line waiting for a table.

The restaurant hosts live performances by local musicians regularly and is full of postcards and posters for local events, from performances to yard sales to various artistic initiatives.

It also offers a variety of walking tours with all sorts of themes in the alleys of the flea market, Jaffa and nearby Neve Tzedek.


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