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Babai's Cliff - restaurant by the sea


Go to Babai’s Cliff restaurant to taste the healthy simple fish based dishes made from the freshest sea fish while overlooking the sea at the most beautiful spot in Jaffa.

Babai's cliff restaurant in Jaffa serves nothing but good food. Unlike gourmet restaurant, where dishes are added with butter or cream and placed on fancy plates, Babai serves healthy, simple, olive oil based dishes. Easygoing owner Babai who used to be a fisherman before becoming a restaurant owner, offers here an easy ambiance which included beautiful stories about his hometown Jaffa.

Babai's specialty is a unique dish of stir-fried seafood salad over a bed of chickpeas. The restaurant's fresh sea fish and the Babai Platter (small sea fish, shrimps and calamari mixture) are also highly recommended.
Babai's cliff is located on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea, at the most beautiful spot in Jaffa. It is spacious and includes a large yard where a private event of 600 people can be held.

Naftali visited the restaurant on May 8th saying: "Great dinner tonight at Babai Restaurant Jaffa. Fresh grilled fish overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea!"

Here are some personal photos from the visit










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