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Haj Kahil - Jaffa

The Haj Kahil family has lived in Jaffa for over 120 years. Under Turkish rule, in the late nineteenth-century, the family made a living by driving the diligence – the carriages in which Jaffa's notables traveled the country (and also functioned as bodyguards). Naim Haj Kahil opened the new restaurant at the same site that for years was the main station of the carriages. And to honor the family's history, he chose the diligence as the emblem of the new restaurant.

On the menu you will find outstanding dishes that until now required a special trip to the Galilee - stuffed lamb-neck, leg of lamb, fabulous Haleb-style kebab, mahmar, siniya with tahini or tomatoes, and it together with fresh seasonal salads for starters. They are served alongside a great range of skewered meat and steaks, and without skipping the knafeh and atayef desserts.

18 Raziel, Jaffa

Opening hours:
Sunday to Saturday 11:00 – 24:00


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