New experience - Krav-Maga program

Elite Krav-Maga is a revolutionary Israeli combat method that brings the simplicity of street fighting and it incorporates advanced combat abilities taken from the counter-terrorism methods of the IDF and Israeli police. the system provides a response to a well-trained attacker in everyday life scenarios.
Elite invites you to learn krav-maga in our tour&train programs in the most beautiful locations Israel has to offer. And have better understanding of how Israeli combat soldier trains in the army.

We offer two programs:

Full metal jacket
Half a day experience. for people who would like a glimpse of how an Israeli combat soldier train. You will train in krav-maga and learn how a combat soldier acts and operate fire arms in the battle field 

Fighter challenge
Eexperience. 3 days of nonstop action which will include krav-maga training in different terrains, fire arms training, and combative techniques used by elite unitts in the army. people who would like to test their limits. Live like a real combat soldier and become a fighter in a matter of days. And in the process, make a journey through the scenery locations in the holy land.



 Photos by Matan Buchner


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