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Meet our guide Ezra Monroy

Ever since visiting Israel for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the intricacies that make up the different cultures and regions that exist here, blending together to present the opportunity of creating unforgettable experiences each day.

After making Aliyah from Texas in 2011, Israel has always provided me with that standard – adventure, diversity, controversy and personal growth.

Through living on a Kibbutz, serving in the IDF, and soaking in the urban life of Tel Aviv, I have been given insight into the social dynamics and the diversity of the population residing here in Israel, and a deeper understanding of the layered complexities that form the structure of this historic land.

With a background in youth camps and special education, my passion for exploration and education eventually led me to pursue a career in becoming a licensed tour guide here in Israel.

My goal as a guide is to use personal stories, explanations and other tools in a creative and personalized way in order to help people feel a deep connection with Israel in an emotional and intellectual way – by utilizing all of your senses while immersing yourself into new experiences. Whether it be someone’s first time in Israel, or someone who visits regularly, I am committed to providing a safe and open space, opening the opportunity for great discussions as each person begins to explore and find their own personalized connection to Israel, just as I had the opportunity to when I first arrived.

I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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