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Meet our tour guide Jasmin Eliezer

Travel with Jasmine. History, culture & good vibes.

Jasmine is an artist and an Israeli certified tour guide, was born and raised in Israel. While her parents were on mission in New York, Jasmine attended elementary school at a public school in New York City.

She lived a couple of years in Kibbutz Kalia and Kibbutz Almog, hence her great love for the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. She was a tour guide in the IDF army. Instructed soldiers in the air force on the geography and history of Israel.

Guided in a youth association “aharai” instructing the love of the homeland and instilling values​​through navigation trips in nature.

Jasmine is a true storyteller with creative presentation of the history of this beautiful diverse land.

Nowadays Jasmine is living in Ashdod the beach city, combining her love traveling and as a tour guide – all over Israel. Specializes in youth and families, inspirational tours, content tours, nature, fauna of Israel and much more.

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