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Meet our tour guide: Shmuel Mullins

As a passionate and knowledgeable Israeli tour guide, I have had the privilege of showing visitors from all over the world the beauty and complexity of this land that I have come to call home. Born and raised in London, I was drawn to Israel at the age of 18 and decided to spend a gap year here, working on kibbutzim as well as studying a month in a yeshiva. I spent my time immersing myself in Israel’s vibrant culture and history. The experience was so profound that I returned after university to serve in the Israeli infantry and eventually decided to make Israel my permanent home.

My background and love for Jewish history and culture, combined with my military service and off-the-beaten-path experiences, give me a unique perspective on the country and its people. I regularly hike Israel’s national trails and enjoy sharing the breathtaking nature and landscapes that this incredible land offers. My goal is to engage my audience with storytelling to bring the history and culture of this land to life in a dynamic and engaging way, making the past come alive and giving new meaning to the present.

I believe that every visitor has different needs and interests, and I always try to tailor my tours to the specific needs of each group. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, exploring the holy city of Jerusalem, hiking and experiencing Jewish history in the Galilee, or visiting Druze villages and learning about the wars and battles on the Golan Heights, or King Herod’s desert palaces in the Desert, I have a knowledge and love of history, from biblical archaeology to modern-day Zionism that will help bring the past alive. Combined with a love for local cuisine, culture, and a passion for having fun, whether you’re interested in nature, historical and religious sites, outdoor adventures, or simply soaking up the local culture, I promise to make every tour with me an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Let’s explore the land of milk and honey together!

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