New hotel opening: Hotel Botanica

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Nestled at the heart of the German Colony and crowned by the breathtaking Botanical Gardens, the luxurious new Hotel Botanica in Haifa is presented by the exclusive Fattal Limited Edition Collection promising that every guest will enjoy a truly exceptional hospitality experience.

The hotel’s perfect postcard between the iconic green Mount Carmel and the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea ensures uninterrupted access to the most spectacular views in the city, framing an unforgettable vacation.

Inside the Botanica, you will find 163 guest rooms featuring elegant designs, a deluxe lobby bar ideal for relaxation at any time, a European-style cafe, a spa complex, a gym, a swimming pool, your choice of delicious gourmet meals, a unique patio bar, conference halls and a magnificient rooftop overlooking the very best that Haifa has to offer.

Unique Service Experience: traditional service culture, with meticulous attention to even the smallest details.

Locally Produced Cusine: diverse fromagerie with a wide range of cheeses, boulangerie section with mesmerizing bakery aromas and premium delicatessen meats.

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