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How Archaeology comes alive in Jerusalem

In the middle of the Cardo, the old Roman shopping street of Jerusalem, you will find fascinating new discoveries from the ancient past.
Like many other cities around the world, Jerusalem has been through difficult times in the last few months. The effects of COVID 19 have profoundly influenced the daily lives of the residents of the vibrant city and the tours to Jerusalem. Local authorities took advantage of the quiet streets recently and teamed up with some big donor foundations to renovate the major historic Roman shopping Street in Jerusalem – The Cardo. In record time, a new outdoor archeological exhibition has been opened. It tells the story of the ancient Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.
The new exhibition, located on Hayehudim Street in the Cardo, opened last week. The show includes approximately 180 unique archaeological items from the immediately surrounding areas of the Jewish Quarter. Those exhibits tell of the history of the communities that inhabited Jerusalem over the centuries.
The creator of this exhibition, Ms. Ravit Nanner-Sorino, describes this unique project as “a special glean into the life of Jews, Christians and all other peoples who’ve ever lived in Jerusalem. It also gives us clues about the public buildings and how the Jewish quarter looked throughout the years”.
The visitors in this exhibition will see a variety of items made of different materials and from different historical eras. From Roman times to Byzantine and until the Crusades. Ancient times come to life with this exhibition.
The main sponsors of the exhibition are the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry in conjunction with the Israeli Antiquities Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality.