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Visitors will have access to the Hanging Obelisk and Glass Hall as well as the Atrium.

Inside the Atrium visitors will enjoy the sight of the colossal statue of King Ramses II, the massive victory column of King Merneptah, and statues of a king and queen from the Ptolemaic era.

Visitors can also enjoy the gardens, cafes and restaurants, as well as buying souvenirs at the various gift shops.

After its official inauguration the GEM complex which overlooks the Giza Plateau will become the largest museum in the world dedicated to a single civilisation.

When the Grand Egyptian Museum fully opens to the public in late-2023 (estimated), it will be the largest archaeological museum complex in the world and host to more than 100,000 artifacts.

For the first time ever, King Tut’s entire treasure collection will be on display. Included as well will be artifacts from pre-historic times through Egypt’s many thousands of years of pharaonic civilization, onto the [comparatively] more modern ancient Greek and Roman periods of Egyptian history.

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