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“The cooking experience” Jaffa

The cooking experience” Jaffa is the oldest establishment for cooking workshops in Israel.

A beautifully preserved old manor house in Jaffa is the place where all the flavours meet.

All the workshops include active guest participation, food preparation, plating and table setting. All ending with fun and delicious meal.

The location

The home is a unique manor house from the ottoman period. The house is preserved in Italian marble

columns and a magnificent painted floor. The house has a special

atmosphere and a whole lot of soul. At your disposal are a number of entertainment halls.

The workshops

All their workshops start with a reception, which includes:

● Freshly baked focaccia, dips, roasted/cured vegetables, red and white wine, a full espresso station

and fresh lemonade

  1. A taste of the Israeli kitchen

Menu includes:

Fresh pita bread baked in a brick oven

Spicy shakshuka

⬥ sumac onion salad

⬥ Thini with yellow amba

⬥ Traditional Fish for the shabbat

⬥ Ben tzvi 78 Humos

⬥ Spicy green Falafel

⬥ Ben Gurion rice

⬥ Arais with baharat spices

⬥ Rose water scented Malabi

⬥ House pickles

⬥ Minty Israeli salad

  1. Cooking market

You will meet your chef and receive a short explanation about the market. Together with your chef you will ride to Hatikva market. With your chef you will select only the freshest of vegetables and maybe fish or meat depending on what is best on the day. Laden with all your goods you’ll return to our house where along with your chef you will prepare a feast while enjoying the music and wine we provide.

  1. Knife fight workshop

After the reception the group will be randomly split into teams. Each team will also have its own chef who will help them plan and execute their desired menu, but the decisions and execution is your responsibility.

The mission: plan, cook and serve a meal within the prescribed time limit.

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